In these videos, I address some common parenting questions and concerns.
You'll also have the opportunity to listen to my guest appearances on various Podcasts.

In this video I share 2 things that make parenting feel so hard and what we can do about them.

Do you wish that your child would listen more?

When you feel like you've exhausted all solutions to problems.

Raising humans who can change this world for the better.

Seeing behaviors differently.

Feelings of rage.

Stop reacting and start responding.

When your child says, "I hate you."

Life/work balance and making the special people in our lives feel our love when there are only so many hours in the day. 

Let's shed some light on "back talk".

How judgements impact how we react to our child. 

Delivering bad news.

In this conversation with Jamie Hernandez, Holistic Health & Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, we talk about supporting our children during challenging times.

In this conversation with Dave Fry, a fellow Change Coach, we talk about what I’ve discovered in my search for answers to parenting challenges, where our thoughts and feelings come from, anxiety, depression, worry about our child’s future and more.  You can listen here.

It was an honor to be a guest speaker on Rob and Patricia Joyce's Podcast, Our Imperfect Life. You can listen to our conversation here

In this conversation with Dr. Amy Johnson I share what’s behind impatience, particularly in parenting. We feel impatient when we think things aren’t going the way they should–our children aren’t feeling the way they should, or they aren’t behaving the way we think they should. You can listen here.

It was such privilege to be a guest speaker on Coach Jasmyne's Podcast, Dream it Dare it Do it. You can listen to our conversation here. 

In this conversation with fellow Change Coach, Becky Gagnon, we talk about our innate “okay-ness”… how we are safe, and how we can trust life and our innate wisdom. You can listen to this episode on the Lived Podcast here.

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5 Common Parenting Myths:

And truths that can free you from feelings of guilt, shame and hopelessness